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 features of Fleet Pins Dash Cams & GPS Tracking Devices

Amazing features of Fleet Pins Dash Cams and GPS Tracking Devices

FleetPins devices are the best available in this market niche. With the changes in business norms due to the global pandemic situation, the safe transportation of people has become critical.

If you are thinking that to purchase a car dashcam or GPS tracking device but are confused then you have landed on the right page. Even, if you are aware of these devices and looking for the best dash cam or similar device available in the market.

Then, this blog would prove to be really beneficial for you as FleetPins devices are the best available in this market niche. With the changes in business norms due to the global pandemic situation, the safe transportation of people has become critical. Hence, It is crucial to upgrade with the evolving world dynamics.

Fleet Pins Dashcams

Fleet Pins helps you optimize the performance of your fleet with help of its GPS and DVR Camera solutions. Maximize the productivity of your fleet and lower your cost through efficient route designs. The smart software solutions of FleetPins contributes to reducing breakdowns and increases safety. Moreover, Fleet Pins also offers customized API and Fleet SDK integration consultancy.

 Integrate your internal systems with the APIs and SDK to maximize efficiency through process automation. Most importantly you can buy Fleet Pins reliable products and services at affordable rates and offers 24/7 support service by an expert team. You can know more about Fleet Pins products, click here

Features of the Dashcams

  1. Fleet Pins offers four car dashcam models i.e., FP-DC-200, FP-DC-400, FP-DC-400P, and FP-DC-400D.  The important features of the dashcam devices are following 

  2. Real-time video recording with great viewing angles.
  3. The dual-lens camera allows video recording from the front and rear.
  4. These are simple to install devices.
  5. High-definition resolutions.
  6. GPS trackers
  7. SD card supported
  8. It also includes an external battery to give more power.
  9. 1 GB Ram support
  10. Panic button feature
  11. On-Board Diagnostic
  12. Night vision supported.
  13. G-Sensor
  14. RFID
  15. Fuel Sensor

The distinctive features of the Fleet Pins dashcams are explained further.

FP-DC 200

FP DC 200 comes with a 1080P main camera that gives a 120-degree video angle whereas the sub camera comes with a 640*480 resolution at a 90-degree video angle. It has an ARM Cortex A7 Quad-Core 1.2GHz built-in CPU supporting a 32GB card and with 1 Gb DDR3 Ram.


FP-DC-400 records 1080P AHD videos with the main camera on 120 degrees viewing angle. The sub camera is a 720P camera that records at 90 degrees viewing angle. It has an Android 8.1 GO operating system whereas the device has 4g, 3g, and 2G capabilities. Other than this it supports a 128 GB SD card.


The view angles are similar to FP-DC-400P but this dashcam device gives cabin viewing angle. Gyroscope sensors and accelerometers provide higher stability.


This device has retained most of the functions of FP-DC-400D but has integrated Driver Monitoring System DMS function that allows detecting behaviors within the car such as detecting driver’s states of drowsiness or distraction while driving.

Features of the GPS Units :

Fleet Pins offers 2 types of GPS trackers for cars  .e., FP 600 Plus and FP 90. Further below are the features of each of the GPS devices.FP 600 Plus is an advanced GPS tracking device that is a multifunctional device.

 It comes with 4G LTE mobile network support. Further, it comes with both IOS & ANDROID support. It also offers extended support of fuel sensor, temperature sensor, door sensor, alarm, mic, and speaker integration. It increases the security of your assets.

FP 90 is a plug and play GPS tracking device that comes with an OBD II connector. You are able to track locations and monitor behavior within the vehicle. You can also monitor vehicle performance with the device. The key features of this device include over speeding alarm, movement alarm, geofencing alarm, mileage history, real-time tracking, standby mode, and much more.

Features of Mobile DVR Devices

Mobile DVR is a mobile digital recording device that allows monitoring vehicles and workforce management. These can be integrated with cameras providing footage of map locations, speed, and G-force readings. There are two Mobile DVR devices of Fleet Pins which are MDVR FP 200 and MDVR FP 500.

MDVR has three sub MDVR devices which include MDVR-S, MDVR-G, and MDVR-G-L0056. MDVR FP 200 is a cost-effective advanced DVR system that comes with geofencing and real-time tracking. In case of an accident, the 4G connectivity allows video to be transmitted to the cloud. This allows immediate response to emergencies.

MDVR FP 500 are suitable for heavy-duty vehicles and has some advanced features such as fatigue detection, the remote engine cut off, live streaming, Wi-Fi hotspot, LTE and other advanced capabilities.


In conclusion, these devices are very helpful in safety from accidents. Furthermore, the installed features in these devices save from insurance scams, theft of vehicles, and much more. The devices allow you to monitor the behavior of drivers and detect lousiness to alert the drivers on the drive.  Hence, you can also protect your fleet and make the rides safer. You can get all these quality devices at affordable rates, to know more about the rates request a demo.