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Next Level Tracking Solutions with Fleet Pins

Fleet Pins also provides top-notch Dash Cams and Mobile DVR’s. The combination of GPS tracking with Dash Cams can help you effectively monitor your fleet.

Looking for a tracking solution?

At Fleet Pins we got it all covered for you! as Fleet Pins offers premium GPS tracking solutions to prevent injuries and scams. Electronic Tracking is made simple with the company’s GPS Tracking Units. These devices contribute by keeping your overheads low through these GPS devices.

GPS Tracking Units of Fleet Pins

4G LTE GPS Tracker FP 600 Plus

4G OBD II GPS Tracker FP 90

These Electronic Tracking Devices are easy to Install plug n play devices that help you in tracking and monitoring your valuable assets. Essential for monitoring driver’s behavior with the On-Board Diagnostic OBD integrated technology and effective in tracking fleet with GPS technology.

In addition to this, monitor your assets remotely via SMS, PC, or Mobile App from any place at any time.

These are integrated with sensors such as fuel sensors, temperature sensors, and other sensors. They increase vehicle and driver safety as well as optimize costs. Moreover, assess driver behaviors for rash driving with the help of an On-Board Diagnostic OBD system, real-time tracking accessibility, and ability to check historical routes.

Combination of GPS tracking with Dash Cams and Mobile DVR

Fleet Pins also provides top-notch Dash Cams and MobileDVR’s. The combination of GPS tracking with Dash Cams can help you effectively monitor your fleet. Dash Cams and GPS Tracking Devices have become a necessary component for insurance companies.

As they help in avoiding scams. On the contrary, it can help innocent drivers getting absolved when they are not at fault. It is an optimal solution for the management of fleets in large numbers such as the logistics industry. Hence, allowing greater visibility of your fleet.

Devices That Make Real Difference

With the help of these devices, you can make your fleet safer and secure. Dashcams, DVR cameras, and GPS tracking units add quality to your fleet operations. Furthermore, these devices make a real difference by maximizing your investments.

Access to real-time tracking information and reporting on fuel consumption help improve productivity and fleet optimization. These devices make a difference in the safety and compliance of the fleet. It helps you keep track of maintenance repairs, license, and registry of vehicles, parts, and warranty renewals, etc. Hence, the aim is to attain zero accidents by effective reporting of unsafe driving behaviors.

Why CSA Score Matters?

Compliance, Safety, and Accountability or in short CSA is a government program to ensure safe and reliable driving. In case, if your CSA score is high then, the Department of Transportation (DOT) can lead your business out of order. But, with the Fleet Pins electronic devices, you can monitor and track the performance of your fleet. Thus, keeping you alert with all the key information to avoid violations. 

Benefits of Fleet Tracking Solutions

There are numerous benefits of fleet tracking solutions that are discussed below.

· Track your assets from anywhere at any time. A good GPS unit along with a dashcam is the perfect combination to be aware of real-time fleet movements. Furthermore, if you manage a large then these devices are very effective in optimizing the performance of your fleet.
· Another benefit of tracking solutions is that they lead to fewer traffic violations. Secondly, you are able to reduce traffic fines leading to fewer out-of-pocket costs for your drivers. Thus, saving your drivers losing points and avoiding a license suspension.
· Apart from this, you can train your drivers that are on the wheel to be much better on the wheel through coaching.
· Access all videos remotely and see how your drivers are driving. Hence, allowing you to protect your fleet business from the uncertainties while on the road.
· The next-generation dashcam of Fleet Pins streamlines your fleet and help you protect them with the help of safety alerts. Moreover, dual-facing cams help you keep your driver alert and capture evidence that is useful in case of an unfortunate accident.
· With the Fleet Pins dashcam, you are able to access such as speed, acceleration, G-force, and location, Thus, providing you essential information to keep you aware of driver behaviors and fleet operations.
· The most important part of any business is to keep the overhead costs low. As we all know, insurance companies don't offer any premium discount services for dashcams. Therefore, Fleet Pins dashcams can help you as well as your fleet drivers in such ways that result in reduced insurance costs. 
·Video evidence is very crucial to avoid fighting for the unknown with the insurance companies. Hence, saving time and money for your business.


Leveraging technology and access to useful data results in savings, proficiencies, and much more. Maximize your operations and increase the efficiency of your system through our APIs and SDK integrations. Henceforth, improve your fleet management performance with Fleet Pins Devices that provide you with next-level solutions.

Solutions such as fleet location, cloud accessibility, sensors, and video evidence. Whether you have a corporate fleet, delivery business, NEMT, or any other kind of transportation service, using Fleet Pins increase the productivity and safety of your fleet. Want to learn more about the product, click here to connect with a Fleet Pins representative.